1. The Lorax is my favourite Dr. Seuss book, and when I first heard that it was going to be made into a film, I was of course pretty worried that it’d be awful. It got worse when I found out that the Once-ler was to be seen, and was merely human. But when I found out Danny DeVito was going to voice the Lorax, I thought it was a pretty good fit, and when I finally got the film yesterday, I was so pleased to see that the entire film was simply perfect.

    What most pleased me about it was the packet of sunflower seeds inside the case. It was so good to see how the morals of the original book were being kept alive not only in the film itself, but in its marketing and package contents.

    Besides this of course, there was the brilliant use of quotes within the film, and the designs taken directly from the book. I’m sure I wasn’t the only Dr. Seuss fan who couldn’t help but join in reciting the words whenever direct quotes came up.

    It’s one of those films where you can’t help but smile the whole way through.

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    Interesting move! Love the choice of seeds - the Lorax himself in fact seems like a walking sunflower. :)
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