1. Trying some new stuff, so today’s random character is a dwarf. What should tomorrow’s be?

  2. Today’s random character is a human, because sometimes you just have to draw humans.

  3. Just a quick sketch of Estragon dressed as a Dapper Man.

  4. Today’s random character.

  5. I coloured this sketch.

  6. I watched this video today with Ray Harryhausen talking about his work on Jason and the Argonauts, so today’s random character has risen from the grave!

  7. tabletoprealm:

    Huh. Just noticed I’ve hit 100 followers! Thanks, guys! ^.^

    My miniatures blog hit 100 followers today! Nice! But, kinda annoying since this, my main blog, only has 57. Ouch! C’mon, guys! let’s see if we can overtake my miniatures blog before it hits the next big milestone!

    Share my blog, reblog my posts, tell your friends, and let’s push that counter skywards! ^.^

  8. Today’s random character.

  9. Today’s random character getting ready for roller derby.

  10. Today’s random character is a scurvy sea dog!