1. Still Taking Sketch Requests!

    I’m still doing requests from my followers!

    Just follow me, and hit up my ask box with ideas for me to sketch. ^.^


  2. I animated this ages ago for a project I never really made any progress on. It’s something I’d still love to finish one day. But for now, this is all I’ve got.

  3. Sketch Dailies today was The Iron Man. This is pretty much my childhood expressed in one fantastic book. I have a copy still.

    So far I’m the only person to have used The Iron man (the original, British title) rather than The Iron Giant (the American title, used to avoid confusion with Marvel’s Iron Man). I’m also, as far as I can tell, the only person who has actually read the book, rather than basing my entire design, story knowledge, and themes on the film, which is a totally different story.


  4. wiltdoeslife said: How about a alien world type thing background with some weird blind alien dragon......unicorn hybrid?

    I didn’t do the alien dragoncorn, but I liked the idea of an alien world. I’ve been reading The Man who was Thursday again, and I was reminded of the bit about going to the end of the world and finding a thing that was not wholly itself, so I ended up with this random tower thing… Not sure why. I just did…

    Keep the requests coming, y’all! ^.^

  5. I’ve had a few requests through other websites, so I thought I’d clarify the whole thing.


    1 - You must be following this blog

    2 - You can send me an idea, a theme, or even just a few words or a phrase

    3 - I won’t draw everything, only what inspires me

    4 - You can request as many times as you like, to increase your chances of getting something drawn

    5 - I will start drawing once I hit 50 followers (I’m at 47 now)

    6 - Not a rule, but I’d like it if you reblogged this post to help more people find this. ^.^


  6. ashacidscenequeen said: Will you be willing to draw my fursona??

    Answering publically, to help explain to any potential requesters.

    I’m not doing doing requests that specific. You can ask for a particular furry species, but not an OC, sorry.

    To clarify, I’ll be taking ideas, themes or inspiring words and phrases. You can request a specific idea or pose, etc. but not a specific character. (unless they’re from a film or a game, or something. I might consider that.)

    Sorry. >.<

  7. I got a new sketchbook, so I’m planning on doing some requests to get me back into sketching again.

    I’ve got 46 followers right now, so I’ll begin taking requests when I hit 50. You don’t have to be a new follower to request anything, if you’ve been there a while, you still get a chance!

    You need to be following me to get a chance. Just send me an ask with what you’d like to see. Anything from a full idea, to a single word for inspiration! I might not accept everything, but I’ll do whatever sounds interesting.

    You can begin requesting now, but I’ll only start once I hit 50 followers. So get asking, guys!

  8. Finally got a new sketchbook, so I did a catch up on a Sketch Dailies I had wanted to do. My version of Tank Girl!

    Plus two awesomenesses! It’s the first time in ages that my first sketch in a new sketchbook wasn’t awful, and it’s actually a pretty good human face! ^.^


  9. Some Short Films You Should Watch

    Today, I had to try Googling for a short film I’d forgotten the name of, and it was really tough. So, I decided to compile a list of some of my favourite short films, with a quick explanation of why you should watch them.

    Cargo - A simple film about love, family, and a totally new take on the zombie genre.

    Dr. Easy - A truly believable sci-fi short, with some fantastic world-building.

    Airlock, or How to Say Goodbye in Space - This. This. If you’ve seen Gravity, or even thought about seeing it, you need to watch this. This is far more accurate, and far more human.

    And as a bonus, a short film that’s not out yet, but the trailer looks amazing! - KELOID


  10. fluentfather said: Hi! I saw your post about the music inspired collective, and seeing as I'm a big, big, big, big fan of music I'd love to participate!

    I’m not sure when or if it’ll happen yet, but I’ll let you know if anything starts getting done about it. If you’re interested in helping organize it as well as joining in, that’d be a great help! ^.^