1. Today’s random character is a proud parrot.

  2. I recently thought about an avatar I made myself ages ago, and I made it into a shirt (and stickers) for y’all!

  3. I missed my random character yesterday, so today you get a deluxe edition twofer!

  4. Today’s random character is late. Sorry.

  5. If you’re following my daily character design sketches, check out my Twitter!

    I sometimes post them there instead of here, so if you’re missing some days, they’re probably on Twitter.

  6. I’m currently working my way through Red Dwarf, so today’s random character is a furry mechanoid.

  7. Today’s random character is an Arctic explorer.


  8. Anonymous said: So when do you think these will be available to the public?

    Uhhh… When will what be available? O.o

  9. Trying a different viewpoint for today’s random character.