1. Just a kitty gal I drew today.

  2. Now the website’s all up and running again, I’m putting some original artwork up for sale from Cataclysm. These Fractures are tiny elements linked to scenes in the book, and each one is unique. There’s only 4 available, so I’m definitely limiting them to 1 per person. The cork isn’t glued into the vial, so you can easily make them into a pendant, as I did with the middle one in the picture.

  3. Now available to buy!

    Vintage leaf notebooks, bound in real pages from vintage books. There’s a couple of H.G. Wells books, fairy tales, and a really awesome letter-writing guide.

    Get in touch if you want one, they’re £7 each (plus postage) and there’s only a limited number left. Due to this, I’ll probably only let people have 1 each.

    More details: http://www.estragonhelmer.com/vintage-leaf-notebooks.html

  4. tabletoprealm:

    Finished the memory stick. After I began gluing the painted parts together, I decided I’d prefer it without the rust/grime, and wanted to make it all shiny again, but it was too late. ono

    But it still looks cool, anyhow. The plastic from the memory stick case was hell to work with ‘cause it had that ‘soft touch’ coating on it, so it didn’t cut or glue very easily.

    If I did it again, I’d pick a stick with nicer plastic, and a less curvy design, to work with. I’m also thinking of making some to sell at some point. Any takers?

  5. tabletoprealm:

    I found an old freebie memory stick from my first year at uni, and decided to make it a cool new case. In the end I couldn’t find anything to use as a basis for it, so I’m just customizing the original case.

  6. I’ve been redesigning my website from scratch for a while now, and finally, it’s ready to go live! It’s been organized, and cleaned up, so some things may have moved around.

    The Steamlands Papercraft is now in the Design gallery.

    And now everything with products is available to buy!

    It Eats - Prints

    Viðin Asksins - Prints

    Vintage Leaf Notebooks

    M&M Enterprises - Stickers & T-shirts

    Cataclysm - Books, Prints, & Original artwork

    Anyway, go check it out, have a look around, and grab some artwork. You can still grab the Steamlands Papercraft for free. And on that subject, I’m looking for photos of what y’all make with it, too.

  7. I’ve redone my M&M Enterprises sticker on RedBubble. It was always a popular item,. and hopefully cleaning up the design might make it more so. (There’s also an updated t-shirt that now comes in different colours)

    I’m looking for anyone with a camera to grab one and send me a photo of it in use. I want to pick some for my website redesign. I’m looking for the most awesomely placed ones you can send me. So go out exploring, and leave your mark with it.


  8. Bats are awesome I don’t draw enough bats. Here’s a bat. Everyone likes bats.

  9. Some more new photos of old work for my redesigned website. These were both A-Level graphic design projects.

    A is for Abecedary was a book of my own creation, like an ABC book for adults, that has 26 old words that have been dropped from the English language.

    The bottom photo is a set of covers I did for the 5 books of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  10. Finally found my A-Level design work! I wanted to get new photos for my website redesign, but I think I’m gonna have to rebuild a lot of it before I can photograph it now.

    The damage is down to the way my old school stored it for a year before I was allowed to take it home. Sad, but at least it gives me a chance to use some better quality materials than I had access to before.